Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Quiet Study Zone (QSZ)

Dear class,

Level 5 of InfoHub (Quiet Study Zone) will be made available for the S4 students to revise for their upcoming Common Test, starting from Thursday, 16 April. Only the S4 will be allowed to study in the Quiet Study Zone. 

To ensure that everyone is able to study in a conducive environment, please take note of the following:

1Students shall observe silence in the venue.
2Should there be a need for discussions, students will have to conduct their discussions outside the Quiet Study Zone.
3Attire: Students are expected to be in school uniform OR S & W attire.
4The usual school rules on attire and grooming applies.
5No eating or drinking is allowed in the Quiet Study Zone. Students are to consume any food in the canteen.
6Students are expected to keep the Quiet Study Zone and the surrounding area outside the venue clean, neat and free from litter.
7Students are expected to use their time wisely and productively.
8The usage of LD and listening to music is strongly discouraged. This is to ensure focus and concentration.
9Students who are found to be watching non-academic related videos or gaming will be disciplined. Parents/guardians will be informed and disciplinary actions will be taken.
10Students are to leave the Quiet Study Area by the closing time of InfoHub..

As a respected member and senior of the school, do put on your best behaviour when you are using the common area for your revision.

If you are found to be behaving inappropriately, you will be asked to leave the venue immediately. This may also result in the withdrawal of the Quiet Study Zone privilege. 

Cheers and happy revision.

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