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The SST Class Committee 2015

Roles of Class Committee

  • To develop and promote school spirit and culture through class bonding activities. 
  • To ensure the well-being of fellow classmates. 
  • To develop and foster care, concern and co-operation among classmates. 
  • To foster care for the environment and to ensure cleanliness of the classroom. 
  • To help plan school and level-wide activities when the need arises. 
  • To provide a link between school, teachers and classmates.

Class Committee Structure

Teacher Advisor:  Form Teacher and co-Form Teacher

Class Executive Committee

Class Sub-Committees*

  • Welfare / Service Learning Committee
  • Digital Citizenship Committee
  • National Education Committee
  • Sports & Wellness Committee
  • Academic Subject Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of Class Committee Members

Class Chairperson

  • To provide leadership to the Class EXCO members, heads of each sub-committee and classmates in promoting school spirit and culture within the class. 
  • To work closely with the Form Teacher and co-Form Teacher to ensure smooth running of class activities and inform any problems or challenges within the class. 
  • To facilitate class meetings together with Vice-Chairperson, with guidance from Form Teacher and co-Form Teacher. When need arises, to conduct class executive committee meetings with Form Teacher and co-Form Teacher. 
  • To maintain discipline in the class especially during assemblies, in between lessons and when moving from class to class. 
  • To embrace the SST’s school values and be a role model for classmates.


  • To assist the Class Chairperson in his/her roles and responsibilities listed above. 
  • To cover the duties of the Class Chairperson in his/her absence. 
  • To ensure the sub-committees carry out their duties responsibly.


  • To assist the Form Teacher to take attendance on a daily basis during morning assembly, Friday assemblies, fire drills and any other occasions which requires the class attendance to be accounted. 
  • To monitor movement of classmates and ensure that no one leaves the class without the permission of the Form/Subject Teacher. 
  • To write date and the names of absentees on the top right-hand corner of the whiteboard before the first period daily. To update this list of absentees during the course of the day if there are any changes. 
  • To assist the Form Teacher and co-Form Teacher and Class Chairperson in any administrative matters. 
  • To record minutes of class executive committee and class meetings and forward to Form Teacher and Head of Year. 
  • To update homework and any class events on the class homework board (found at the back of classroom) and class blog.

  • To collect money and keep a proper account of all collections and expenditure. 
  • Note: Collect money only when needed. All money collected must be passed to Accounts Department or Form Teacher for safekeeping within the same day.

Welfare / Service Learning Committee - Welfare / SL co-ordinator (x2)
  • To ensure the general well-being of the class through class and school-wide activities
  • To organize class bonding activities to build healthy relationships between members in class eg games, birthday celebrations...
  • To assist and liaise with Service Learning Teacher I/C on matters and activities related to Service Learning.

Digital Citizenship Committee - Cyber Wellness / Media Literacy Ambassador  (x2)

  • To be the class contact person and ROLE MODEL for activities related to Digital Citizenship within the class, school and community.
  • To report any misuse or abuse of IT-related incidents. 
  • To conduct programmes related to cyber wellness.
  • To be involved in the Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador national programme. (CWSAP)
  • (as the student will be representing SST, he/she should not any disciplinary issues especially related to cyber problems)

National Education Committee - NE representatives (x4 to 6)

  • To be the class contact persons in activities related to National Education within the class, school and community. 
  • To assist NE Committee in organising NE-related events such as Total Defence Day, National day Celebrations, Racial Harmony Day etc.

Sports & Wellness Committee - Sports & Wellness representatives (x4 to 6)

  • To be the class contact persons in activities related to Sports and Wellness
  • To organise school-wide events related to the Sports and Wellness Department

Environment Committee - Environment representatives (x4 to 6)

  • To ensure that the class environment (in and outside) is clean and conducive for learning.
  • To come up with Duty Roster and remind classmates to do their duties. 
  • To be an advocate for the environment by promoting ways to save the environment within the classroom and the school. 
  • To encourage classmates and schoolmates to save the environment by implementing projects.
  • To participate in and provide support to activities organised by the school’s Environment Club.

Subject representatives

  • To assist the subject teacher in the collection and distribution of homework, assignments and projects.
  • To remind classmates of homework, assignment, project deadlines, and assessment dates. 
  • To assist the subject teacher in any activities organised by the academic department.
  • To take the initiative to implement projects or organise activities that promote the learning of the subject, e.g. putting up interesting articles related to the subject on the notice-board on a regular basis.

Class House Representatives

  • Assist the S&W teacher during lessons. 
  • Act as the liaison person for the class on S&W matters. 
  • Plan, coordinate and conduct sports related activities and events. 
  • Assume the role as committee members for their respective house. 
  • Oversee the well-being of their classmates.
2) Class Theme

One Story, Many Journeys

3) Class Mission and Goals

As a family, we aim to do our best,
to overcome obstacles together,
towards the perfect ending.

4) Class Code of Conduct

1. We are ultimately responsible for ourselves.
2. All actions lead to a consequence/ consequences.
3. Respect diversity and love one another.
4. Do unto others what we will want others do for us.

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